Social Media Social Networking Technology Connection Concept

When it comes to your social media plan, it’s important to remember that a bit more etiquette is required when posting for your business than your personal pages. And also remember that certain ideas that might fly for your physical business, may not work so well in social media. Here are a few things to avoid on your social media business pages.

  1. Don’t be a spammer

“But I’m a business. I need to sell, sell, sell!” Just like your physical business, being in-your-face pushy is a big turn-off for consumers. Take department stores for example. Walking into a friendly department store with pleasant music playing and plenty of sights, sounds, and smells to explore sure beats getting bombarded with product-pushing salespeople, right? The same goes for your social media pages. Sure it’s OK to mention a latest sale, but you can also mix it up with some fun photos or quotes. How about a photo of the staff wearing some funky, fun hats that you sell? You can also encourage fans of your business to send some of their photos wearing their own crazy hat and post them on you Facebook or Instagram page. This will show that shopping at your business is not the same old boring thing, but a fun way to spend the day!

  1. Don’t slam the competition

Posting negative things about your competitor is just not good business practice. It shows poor sportsmanship. Being the better business without slamming your competitor is a better way to go even if they take the low road and slam your business. Try to take a more unique approach in social media than your competition. If they are posting memes on their Facebook page, use your Facebook page to be more engaging with your customers. You can pose a question like “What’s your favorite type of pie at Thanksgiving?” Or, “What is your favorite winter activity?” Showing that you care about your customer’s interests can be a good way to secure returning customers and also bring in new customers. It’s also a great way to survey your customer’s pleasures. Hmm, better stock up on pumpkin pie and sleds this year!

  1. Don’t ignore your customers

Social media is not just for posting pictures of food and cat videos. For a business, it’s a direct customer service link. One bad review on social media can cause a ripple effect and loss of many customers. So if someone posts: “Harvey’s Hats Stinks! I’ll never shop there again!” it’s important to respond publicly in a positive manner with something like: “I’m sorry you had a bad experience at Harvey’s. How can we help resolve your issue?” This not only publicly offers the unsatisfied customer a chance to resolve the problem, but it also shows other who saw the post to also see that you are making the effort to take care of a problem. It also can result in the unhappy customer, becoming a happy one and removing their post or posting a follow up comment like: “Thank you

Harvey’s for taking care of your customers. I will be sure to buy my next hat from Harvey’s!”

Social media can be a handful for any business to handle, but we have to face the facts, it’s a way of life now and we have to get out in front of it and prepare as best we can.