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Month: March 2016

The Joy Of Instagram: Using Filters and Other Tricks

ffe9bdb05113Taking cool pictures and posted them on Instagram can be fun, but do you feel like your friends pictures look just a bit better? They are probably adding filters to give their pictures just that little bit of edge they need to push them into the “stunning” category.

Here are a list of the filters and what effect you can get.

  1. Clarendon: Lightens up your highlights and makes shadows more prominent.
  2. Gingham: Adds a brighter, yellowy look to enhance your darker photos.
  3. Moon: Black & White images with deeper shadows.
  4. Lark: Intensifies colors. Great for outdoor shots for bluer blues and greener greens.
  5. Reyes: Retouching filter that desaturates. Great for portraits for that airbrushed look.
  6. Juno: Another good one for outdoors. Brings out the deeper tones.
  7. Slumber: Desaturates for a warmer feel.
  8. Crema: Desaturates for a vintage feel.
  9. Ludwig:  Great for city shots. Intensifies colors.
  10. Aden: Adds pastel effect. Lowers contrast.
  11. Perpetua: Adds green to make photos more vibrant. Great for beach shots!
  12. Amaro:  Adds centered light and darker edges.
  13. Mayfair:  Also lightens center, but with more pinkish tones.
  14. Rise: Centers lightened with yellowish tones. Give a warm look.
  15. Hudson:  Centers lightened with blueish tones. Gives a colder look.
  16. Valencia: Brightens up your dull colors. Great for showing off your new look in a selfie.
  17. X-PRO II: Gives a spotlight circle with darkened corners and bluer tones.
  18. Sierra: Softens photos with yellow tones.
  19. Willow: Black & White with softened look.
  20. LO-FI: Saturated colors and blurry effect.
  21. Inkwell: High contrast Black & White photos.
  22. Hefe: Gives you more saturation in a boxed shadow effect.
  23. Nashville: For that soft retro look.

Not enough filters? Well click your manage filters tool and open up a whole world of other filter options to add such as 1977, Kelvin, Skyline, Brooklyn and many more!

In addition to adding these wonderful filter effects, you can click on the wrench icon and adjust many things about the photo. Use your Adjust tool to create a tilted effect. You can also adjust brightness, contrast, warmth, saturation and color. Add fade, highlights, shadows, vignette or add tilt shift or sharpen your images. Use the Structure tool to add detail to your photos. Great for landscapes and flowers.

With all these fun features to explore using Instagram, you’ll be sure to dazzle your friends and family and look like a pro photographer! Enjoy!

Nav bar


Short for navigation bar or the area to search or look up website addresses.



  1. Break into someone’s account via password access or by another devious means.
  2.  Change someone’s behavior through action. For example a “lifehack.”



In Twitter, using the “@” (at) symbol instead of “#” (hashtag) as part of a user’s handle acts as a direct mention of that person.  Example: “I sent a tweet to @TheEllenShow and Ellen DeGeneres herself responded to me with ‘Thanks for the mention!'”



To fail short of attempted goal. Representing failure. Unsatisfied customers often use #fail to emphasize displeasure with a companies’ service. For example, “The lawn chair selection at Target sucks. #Fail.” The hashtag is often used on YouTube for videos depicting acts that go very wrong i.e. skater falling down, kid hitting father in the crotch with plastic bat, bowler throwing ball in wrong lane etc. Using the word “epic” in front adds a sense that the failure is of legendary proportions.



A virtual way of getting someone’s attention on Facebook. For example, “I poked Jean. I haven’t heard from her for awhile.”  Facebook did away with the poke feature in 2014



On Facebook, when a user has to hit the “Like” button in order to access content on a page.

Be a Social Media Winner: Connect With Contests

3d illustration of the words Enter to Win

It’s a fact that people love games of chance even if the odds are stacked against them. Just take a look at the lottery or the Las Vegas casinos. Last year it was estimated that Vegas racked up around $375 billion in gambling sales. In most cases it doesn’t matter whether the prize is money or a key chain—people love the thrill of winning.

Just like the casinos, people flock to the internet to enter sweepstakes, win prizes at trivia or hope for the big payout in fantasy sports. Setting up contests on your social media pages are a great way to attract more followers to your brand and keep them coming back for more.

There are different types of sweepstakes from the simple “Like” our page for a chance to win to more complicated ones involving essay, photo or art contests with rules to follow and real prizes to win.

What is Your Goal?

Are your looking to introduce a brand? Then possibly a “Like” our page for a chance to win is just what you need. If you are looking to build engagement and interact with customers, then a Photo Caption contest or Best Pet Photo contest may be just the thing. Prices can include reduction in price coupon, T-shirt or even cash prizes. It’s all according to what your company can handle. Keep in mind, the more complicated the contest, the more complicated you make it on your business and employees who manage your pages. More complicated sweepstakes may also contain legal rules and regulations such as age limits and other requirements. Bigger companies may want their legal team to look over contest proposals before initiating them.


How Do I Build My Contest Page?


You can create simple contests on your Facebook business page using For $8 a month (if you subscribe for a year), you can use their template forms combined with images and/or video to create the perfect contest for your audience. You don’t need any programming skills to get started. You can use Excel to analyze results and your contest displays nicely on your desktop, laptop and mobile devices.



Woobox is another option for creating sweepstakes and giveaways on Facebook. Woobox allows you to embed your contest right on your website too. Once users click on the contest tab, they can be drawn right to your Facebook page and you can require them to have to hit “Like” on your page in order to enter the contest. Woobox also allows for cross promotion sweepstakes. Say you’re a graphic design company and you want to cross promote with your favorite printer, you can do all of that and more at



Wishpond helps you with your contest set up on Instagram or Pinterest. Run a hashtag, photo or essay contest, create a coupon, video contest or group offer. Wishpond costs a fee depending on what you are looking for and has 14-day free trials. You can create a landing page and generate leads for $45 or get more complicated with API access, custom Javascript and custom CSS. Find Wishpond at

No matter what you are looking for in a contest, you can find what best fits your business.