About Us

In 2014, after a year of managing social media for the company I worked for, I noticed there wasn’t a one-stop-shop to search social media terms, decipher the acronyms, discover the latest management tools and apps and learn who the biggest influencers in social media are. Sure, some sites offer some of these things and do it well, but they don’t offer all of these things in one place. So I am looking to create an ever-growing data base of terms, from the simplest to the more complex, so that our Social Media Dictionary can be, not just for the pros trying to get more engagement and likes, but for anyone who just wants to know what social media is all about.

Our Acronym Finder is a great resource, especially for parents and teachers who want to know the lingo their children and students are using in social media, as well as pros who want to keep up with the latest trends.

There are so many great platforms, services and apps to help you manage your content. We wanted to create a database with descriptions of each, so you can make an informed decision on what tools are right for you. Check out our Apps/Services/Tools Search.

In addition, when it comes to networking, finding out who the biggest influencers are in the social media can be a task. We provide information so that you can view the who’s who in social media and get links to connect with them through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and through email and website avenues. Also, you can search our Influencer Finder by name to find out more info on each influencers.

And most importantly, I wanted to inform people on how social media is impacting our world with real news stories on topics from how law enforcement is using social media to catch crooks to topics on cyber-bullying, social media in government and more. Check out our Current Events and Features sections and Social Media News Now videos!

With all this, what else could I call it but Social Media A to Z?

We want our users to have a great experience when they visit Social Media A to Z, and want your feedback. Send your comments and ideas to SocialMediaAtoZ@gmail.com or, if you have an article you’d like to donate to the cause, we are always looking for social journalists to contribute. If you have a term, acronym, app, platform, influencer or tool that we haven’t mentioned, send it to socialmediadictionary@gmail.com as we need your help to keep our database ever-growing!


Thanks and we hope you enjoy Social Media A to Z!

Kevin McGuire